What Other's Have To Say...

"Marion Weiler's new four-part course covers everything agents need to know about business strategy in a post-pandemic world."


“Marion’s course could be hugely beneficial to fellow agents and their business.” 

“I truly believe that what Marion has created is a game changer and will bring much benefit to entrepreneurs in whatever phase their business is in." 

"Marion is a strategic thinker and planner who understands the complex demands of an [real estate] industry that is going through immense disruption."

"Marion is simply stellar. A proven professional to get the job done. "

“It's always so inspiring to connect with innovative thinkers that are changing things up.”


Course curriculum

  • 2

    Understand The 'Why': Taking Back Control

    • Intro Video - Understand The Why: Taking Back Control

    • Taking Back Control

    • Worksheet Module 1: Understand The Why

  • 3

    Take Inventory Of Your Finances

    • Intro Video - Take Inventory Of Your Finances

    • What's Coming In And What's Going Out?

    • Worksheet Module 2 - Take Inventory Of Your Finances

  • 4

    Identify Solutions

    • Intro Video - Identify Solutions

    • Transform Your Offering

    • Worksheet Module 3A - Transform Your Offering

    • Solution Check

    • Worksheet Module 3B - Solution Check

  • 5

    Optimize and Plan Ahead

    • Intro Video - Optimize and Plan Ahead

    • Optimize Your Business Operations

    • Worksheet Module 4 - Optimize Your Business Operations

    • Your Opinion Matters!